Market Inflections: Futures Trading Signals

Signals for big reversals and breakout trades, before they happen.

We do the work… you keep the profits.

About the signals:

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    Subscribers receive futures swing-trades based on signals generated by our Market Timing Software on products ranging from S&P 500 and Nasdaq Futures to Gold, Crude Oil, and Currency Futures.

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    The average trade duration ranges from a few days to a few weeks.

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    Approximately 10 trades are made each month.

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    At any given time, no more than three positions will be open.

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    Trade alerts are sent in real time with specific entry, stop loss and profit lock orders via email, mobile messaging and social media.


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What’s behind the signals?

Real Science Applied To Financial Markets

Our market timing software is the result of decades of research and development. It uses a powerful algorithm that detects extreme investor behavior: unstable points in financial markets where trends begin and end. The very same science is found throughout nature and is used to predict patterns of aftershocks following an earthquake, ash dispersion when volcanoes erupt, and the ebb and flow of rivers.

Signal Examples

Take a look at how our signals performed during major moves.

March 13, 2017:
Buy signal on the 30 Year Bond at 146 12/32.

April 18, 2017:
Sell signal at 155 5/32.

Gain per contract:

Trade Duration:
4 weeks.

April 17, 2017:
Short signal on Gold at 1290.

May 4, 2017:
Cover signal at 1220.

Gain per contract:

Trade Duration:
2.5 weeks.

Trading choppy markets in August 2016 with short term risk reversal signals on the 60 minute chart of the Russell 2000. Each one was good for $1,500-$2,000 per contract.



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